Sunday, April 26, 2015

Jamie Eason's 12 Week Live Fit: Phase 1 review and progress pics

 Phase 1:

During phase 1 the program is aimed at building a foundation of muscle to boost metabolic rate (more muscle = greater calories burned at rest). I really enjoyed the workouts and completed all for the month! 

On average I burned between 150-200 calories per workout (20-30 mins), which is less than I usually would at the gym, but I wasn't doing any cardio. While doing this program I ate between 1200-2000 calories per day (eating clean most of the time). In the next phase I will be sticking to a very strict diet to attempt to reach the goals I am striving for. 

I have taken full body progress pictures, but I will not be posting those until I have completed the full 12 weeks. I really wanted to see some arm/back progress so I photographed the back of my arm before I started and when I finished the 4th week. Throughout the 1st phase my weight fluctuated, I lost 2kg one week, then gained it back. It was extremely frustrating. In the end I lost no weight whatsoever and was feeling unmotivated to continue. Luckily I took my measurements for fashion at school about a week before I started the program! I compared the measurements and I have lost 2cm from my hips (which is where the most of my body fat has accumulated). This proves to me that the scales aren't everything! I most likely have lost a little bit of fat, while putting on a little bit of muscle. 

I am excited to start phase 2 now and am hoping I will lose a few kg from adding cardio!

End of phase 1

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Jamie Eason's 12 Week Live Fit program

About 5 weeks ago I joined my local women's gym (again) on a 3 year contract (yep... big commitment). Now maybe I should start with my gym history. I joined the said women's gym in 2013 for 6 months....then ran out of money. I joined a 24/7  gym in 2014 when I had a bit more money for about 6 months.... yet again I could not support the weekly payments (being a student). This year there was a HUGE offer on, so I took advantage of that.

Back to the program. I watch many, many YouTubers on a daily basis. I am particularly inspired by Amynicolaox, she has documented her amazing weight loss and fitness journey. I noticed in one of her videos she mentioned something about the Jamie Eason 12 week live fit program ( Naturally I had to find out about it. At this stage I had been a member of the gym for about a week and I really wanted some direction. I had previously followed the Kayla Itsines BBG, but wanted a guide that would have me using the gym equipment that I am paying for. (With that said the Jamie Eason program is aimed at gym goers). 

The program is split up into 3 stages (4 weeks per stage). The first stage has you go to the gym 4 times (weeks 1-2) and 5 times (weeks 3-4). Phase 1 is aimed to help build a foundation of muscle (for metabolic purposes), no cardio is performed in the 1st phase. 

I am currently finishing up week 4 and am really loving it. I will post my progress when I have finished the 1st phase completely.

Wish me luck!